General Questions

Please contact your nearest branch office. Our staff will be able to give you prices for all our tests and explain how pricing works for practitioners.

We welcome new practitioners to our network. Please contact your nearest branch office for more details.Our staff will advise you on our criteria for becoming a practitioner with R.G.C.C Group and help you become more familiar with our services. They will also be able to supply you with the necessary sampling kit and vials. There are exclusivity rights per area for every branch of R.G.C.C. Group.

You can find relevant downloadable PDF files in the News section of our website

Our methods are internationally accredited by ISO. The ISO certification can be found on our website under the section About Us/ISO

Please contact your local branch office or representative to enquire about payment methods.

Please contact your nearest branch office. Our staff will be able to advise on all methods of payment.

There is no analysis assay that can be approved. The only test that is approved is the Cellsearch which enumerates the CTC. The analytic platform of CTCs analysis can be certified only for their accuracy and most of the platforms do, as ours does (ISO/IEC 17025:2005).

It is a document in which a declaration that the sample is not dangerous/harmful/contaminant to public health is declared.

This document indicates the origin of the sample, packaging and shipping precautions. It is submitted to the courier in order to import Biological Substance Category B shipments to Greece.

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