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Oncocount R.G.C.C. or Oncotrace R.G.C.C. or Oncotrail R.G.C.C. only for known and specific types of malignancies

For the first year every trimester and then every half year

Metastat tests provides this information over a period of three years Meta-analysis is conducted comparing CTCs profile and metastases profile in order to detect potent markers that are relevant with the site of relapse.

The migration from the primary tumor take place relatively early during tumor progression. Almost less than 2mm in diameter the primary tumor already spreads newly form vessels and cells that perform EMT are migrate through them to the circulation.

The isolation of CTCs can be performed with sorting methods based on Flow cytometry and avoid any noise caused by irrelevant cells. The evaluation of CTCs can reveal sensitivity and resistance to several factors in a cellular level. The application to an all organism requires the cooperation and expertise of an oncologist which have very high level of knowledge of pharmacology (Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic) in order to schedule dosages, timing and cycles in a patient level.

Besides the cytotoxic drugs, the monoclonal antibodies or the small molecular weight inhibitors like TKIs, we can test other substances either by a viability/cytotoxicity assay and as induction of the immune response or as inhibitors of growth factor receptors. You can introduce to us any substance you deem fit If you prefer to test these in combination we can offer also that, but it is up to the physician to specify the combination, the timing of each component and the ratio.

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