Markers on CTCs that point out the potent organ for relapse.

From literature, numerous markers are associated with specific tumor organ metastases.
The Metastat test is a collection of specific markers that are detected on specific organs.

Cells of the primary tumor that have the ability to metastasize will express specific genes and proteins according to the organ that will metastasize, and that is given by the genetic information.

Product Details

  • Cancer Type: All type of Cancers
  • Sample required: Peripheral whole blood
  • Blood sample Qty: 7-10 ml peripheral whole blood
  • Analysis Period: Approx. 7 days
  • Final Results: 7-10 days
  • Price: 800€
  • The prices of the tests may be an issue of local additional taxes and value added taxes which are dependent of each country’s legislation. The prices may vary in areas that are under the jurisdiction of a distributor
Sample of the report

USAGE OF TEST: This test provide information based on CTCs markers about whether and where the tumor is likely to metastasize (Lung, Brain, Liver, Bones etc).

USEFUL INFO: This test uses patient’s blood samples that are analyzed with two different methods for the export of accurate results.1. Real Time PCR detects the levels of these specific marker genes and 2. Flow cytometry the protein levels produced by these exact genes.
Results are compared to a control sample and the results are given with the following format:

The sample required for this test is 7 to 10 ml of whole (peripheral) blood in a provided 10ml volume Falcon tube with an immobilized liquid.

SUPPORT AND TRAINING:R.G.C.C. Group provides on-call and on-line support on issues of interpretation and Procedures of the test. Additionally, we provide regular training courses for clinicians in order to familiarize them with the tests (Seminars & Webinars).

  1. Please give us one to two days prior notification of the shipment date in order to arrange a pick up for you. Details for collection such us your full postal address, including Post Codes (UK) or District Mail Zip Codes, telephone number, named contact person for the courier. The service provider we use is Global Express. We usually suggest you do these tests in the morning as that allows time for the courier to pick up at lunchtime or in the afternoon. Please bear in mind that the courier will contact you to define the time that the last collection will take place in your location. If you wish to send the sample independently, please contact our office in so that we may forward you our courier account number. The shipment fees are charged into our account by giving our company's account number to the courier.

  2. Complete all the needed courier documents, which will be provided in a hard copy once the transportation container will be dispatched to you.
    • Audit Sheet UN3373(it is already completed)
    • UN3373 Biological Substance Category B USA Commercial Invoice
    • Instructions containers for TNT or DHL or FEDEX Courier
    • Declaration form UN3373 for Biological Substance Category B (DHL)

    Please be aware that the description of the shipment should be indicated as ‘Biological Substance Category B, UN3373’ and the total value of the shipment should be defined to one (1) USD as it is purposed for medical research.

  3. Please be sure that the sign UN3373 diagnostic specimen is on the outer wall of the container. These stickers already included in the transportation container that we have sent you.

  4. Once the package has been picked up, the corresponding fax forms need to be faxed over to Greece to confirm that the sample is on its way. This form is included in the shipment that you will receive.

One transportation container contains:

  1. Two (2) vials for blood sample [colourless liquid], (you have to use only one)
  2. Cooling bag
  3. Medical form
  4. Needed papers for transportation

The blood sample bottle(s) (vials) should be stored in the fridge, whereas the ice pack (s) should remain into a deep freezer for at least 24 hours until required.

For blood samples there needs to be minimum 15ml to 25 ml maximum of venous blood. Please discard the first 5ml of blood in order to reduce the likelihood of contamination of the sample by skin cells. The blood sample should be placed quickly in the vial with the colorless liquid. After you place the blood sample close the top and shake it gently (rolling is preferable). Then place the vial inside the transportation container.
Please ensure that the medical form is completed, signed by a doctor and patient and enclosed to the package.

This test offers information about:

  • The development of cachexia.
  • The presence or not of dendritic cells (DCs) and if they are stimulated
against the cancer cells
  • The development of specific humoral immunity
  • The development of specific cellular immunity
  • The presence of immunosuppresive mechanism (T-regs)
  • Non specific cellular immunity